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Can't seem to lose weight?
Tired all the time?
The tests came back normal?


World-Class Nutritional support for the Thyroid


  • East meets West- 12 exotic Chinese herbs plus modern nutritional and glandular science
  • Providing 3-way support to the metabolic glandular system
  • Based on over 5 years of research
  • Never before available in this country
  • Not just a quick energy fix

...cause it's not just all in your head

Metabo-Right: help for thyroid trouble

We know that weight loss is not as simple as cutting back on foodintake and increasing exercise. For some people it seems that nomatter how little they eat, they just can't lose the pounds. Eatingless can cause feelings of fatigue. As it turns out, weight problems,fatigue, frequent illness, feeling cold all the time and feeling downare among the many symptoms experienced due to an underactive thyroidgland, called hypothyroidism, causing sluggish metabolism. Accordingto Dr. Broda Barnes, M.D., many practitioners underestimate theimpact of poor thyroid function on the health of the human body. Inspite of the relatively small amount of thyroid hormone produced (oneteaspoon per year), it is of major importance.

Many experts maintain that regular laboratory tests are not adequatepredictors of the true state of the thyroid. In addition, standardthyroid tests do not isolate the active thyroid hormones, T4 andT3.

Dr. Arnold J. Susser, R.P., Ph.D., creator of state-of-the-artnutritional supplements for over 20 years, has developed acomprehensive 3-part combination to support the thyroid. Here heanswers a few questions about Metabo-Right:

Q: Can you tell us about Metabo-Right?

Susser: Metabo-Right is the result of more than five years ofresearch in conjunction with an expert Oriental physician.Metabo-right is truly a world-class supplement which compares to noother product on the market. It is based upon proven Chinese herbs,glandular RNA support, and scientifically demonstrated nutritionalsupport for the thyroid. EAST meets WEST.

Each tablet provides:

  • 175 mg of 5:1 extract equivalent to 875mg specially imported Chinese herbal blend known throughout the Far East as a tonic for the thyroid gland.
  • 25000 mcg tyrosine.
  • RNA provided by Liver, Pituitary and Adrenal concentrates.

Q: Tell us more about the herbs?

Susser: This custom blend of highly concentrated extracts from12 exotic Chinese herbs was formerly designed for enhanced thyroidfunction and metabolism and has been used to combat fatigue andencourage weight loss. This herbal preparation is also strengtheningto the adrenal (stress) glands. The herbs for Metabo-right are veryexpensive. They are freshly harvested, specially prepared and flownin from the Orient. We have spared no expense to bring you a truebreakthrough world-class natural supplement, yet at a very affordableprice.

Q: Isn't this product for the thyroid-What is the reason forthe additional glandular substances?

Susser: An under-active thyroid makes it impossible to breakdown food properly and assimilate nutrients from it. The efficiencyof the other glands is also impaired, often severely. Ultimately,every organ, tissue and cell is affected by the output of thethyroid.

Energy is required by every cell in the body. Glandulars provide RNAwhich the glands in the body use for energy. Glandular RNA is highlybeneficial in the way that it provides energy on a mammal-to-mammal,gland-to-gland basis helping to "tune up" the glandular system of thebody.

Q: A tune up?

Susser: The pituitary is the master gland-it controls theactivity of all other glands in the body. For example, when the bodyis under stress, the adrenals, the anti-stress glands, have to workover-time. They pull energy from the other glands in the body causingdecreased or altered functioning. One may experience loss of sexualdesire due to the effects of the gonads, either loss of appetite andweight loss or food cravings and weight gain due to detrimentaleffects on the thyroid, pancreas or liver.

Q: What is the connection between the thyroid and weightproblems?

Susser: The thyroid is responsible for our basal metabolicrate, or the rate the body burns calories for energy. Some peoplefeel that their metabolism is sluggish because no matter how littlethey eat, they just can't seem to lose weight. A high metabolism isgiven credit for individuals who can eat all day long and not gain anounce. These individuals seem to have an abundance of energy and canget by with much less sleep than others.

Q: What about the other ingredients?

Susser: Tyrosine, an amino acid, aids the conversion of T4 toT3 in the liver and has an important effect on the thyroid. Tyrosineallows the Chinese herbs in Metabo-Right to work even better. These,combined with the glandular RNA, provide Metabo-Right with the3-prong approach to improve a sluggish thyroid. NOTE: Anyonewith a medical condition should first consult their doctor beforetaking any nutritional supplement. Metabo-Right is notintended to treat or mitigate any disease or medical condition.

Q: Can you tell us any more about Metabo-Right?

Susser: Metabo-Right has four main advantages you should keepin mind.

  • Highly Concentrated
  • Economical
  • Convenient
  • It works!

Only requires twice a day supplementation! This is only abouthalf of what other formulas require. Give Metabo-Right 16 daysand feel the difference! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Order 3 bottles and receive a 4th one free!

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MetaboRight - 60 Tablets
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